Nestled conveniently at 32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070, Dentistry 32 stands out as a legitimate family dental clinic just a short distance from Adelaide City. Our team at Dentistry 32 takes pride in offering a diverse range of dental procedures tailored to address various dental concerns. Whether you require general, restorative, cosmetic, or family dental care, rest assured that our highly skilled team is prepared to deliver exceptional care in a warm and inviting environment.

Our approach strongly emphasizes drawing on years of experience while having a deep understanding of oral health. By taking the time to connect with our patients, understanding their individual goals and needs, we are able to ensure personalized dental care of the highest quality that surpasses expectations.

At Dentistry 32, we firmly believe that everyone deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Therefore, we offer a wide array of services such as routine check-ups, expert cleanings, teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, crowns, bridges, and more. With a team of dedicated professionals who continuously update their expertise with the latest advancements in the field, we assure you top-notch care utilizing cutting-edge techniques and equipment.

What sets us apart is our commitment to creating a calm and soothing atmosphere for our patients. We understand that dental appointments can at times be overwhelming, so we prioritize your comfort and peace of mind. The moment you step into our practice, you are greeted by our friendly staff, and our compassionate team ensures your comfort throughout your dental experience.

QIP accredited

What is the implication of QIP Certification at Dentistry 32?


How do private dental practices function with the certification process?

It involves incorporating the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards into daily operational procedures and patient safety protocols. This integration aligns with regulations established by both national and state authorities. Particularly noteworthy is the display of substantial, evidence-based benefits for patients who choose a certified practice.

What it signifies for you as the patient

Choosing a certified dental practice like Dentistry 32 means you can anticipate reduced clinical and overall risks. Moreover, you can have peace of mind, knowing that our entire staff is well-versed and actively engaged in implementing dental systems and improving dental procedures within our practice.

The National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards for dentists were adopted by the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in 2011. Meeting these standards validates that a dental practice has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in delivering high-quality patient care in Australia.

We are now pleased to be part of the innovative, certified dental practices that uphold QIP’s stringent quality benchmarks for patient care.

What it signifies for us, Dentistry 32

We uphold our dedication to continuously improving guidelines and procedures that govern our operations at 32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070, providing assurance to patients, staff, peers, and associates that we are committed to excellence, safety, and expertise across all areas.

Obtaining this certification signifies an independent recognition that Dentistry 32 has met the specified criteria and standards. This certification instills confidence in our patients, staff, and all associated with DR LIMA’s Practice that quality and performance standards are not just achieved, but consistently assessed and enhanced.


DR Lima

Meet Dr. Lima, our principal dentist, renowned for her expertise and passion for cosmetic dentistry. Graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery from Tehran University of Medical Sciences in 2006, she established a strong foundation for her career. She emphasizes minimal invasive treatment, ensuring thorough, tailored care for each patient. As a member of the Australian Dental Association, she remains updated on advancements in the field. Proficient in various procedures, including cosmetic dentistry, she excels in transforming smiles and enhancing patients' confidence. Known for her compassionate nature, Dr. Lima builds lasting relationships, ensuring patient comfort and trust. Outside work, she prioritizes personal well-being, reflecting her dedication to providing exceptional care. Expect personalized, top-notch dental services that combine expertise, compassion, and a commitment to oral health with Dr. Lima as your dentist. Experience the difference her skillful hands and warm demeanor make in achieving a beautiful, healthy smile.


At Dentistry 32, we prioritize your oral wellness. We aim to quickly identify and address any dental issues, from cavities to mouth cancer. Our clinic offers a wide range of services designed to uphold the health, function, and appearance of your teeth. From routine check-ups and cleanings to advanced restorative treatments, we expertly cater to all your dental needs. Our services include: