Tooth Extractions: Conveniently Available at Dentistry 32

Experience gentle tooth extractions at Dentistry 32 to alleviate any discomfort you may be facing promptly. Don’t let the pain linger; reach out to us without delay.

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Tooth Extractions: Your Relief from Toothache

Dealing with a toothache can disrupt your daily life activities like eating, sleeping, and working effectively. Even a slightly sensitive tooth can escalate into unbearable pain unexpectedly. Ignoring a hurting tooth is not advisable. We urge you to get in touch with Dentistry 32 at your earliest convenience, as toothaches rarely subside without proper treatment. We aim to handle dental emergencies on the same day, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re struggling with a painful tooth or any other dental emergency.

Considering a Tooth Extraction at 32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070?

DR LIMA’s priority is to preserve your natural teeth whenever feasible. However, in certain cases, a tooth may become untreatable and persistently painful. Furthermore, a severely decayed or infected tooth can jeopardize your overall health and adjacent teeth. In such instances, tooth extraction becomes the optimal choice to safeguard your well-being and relieve discomfort. Reasons for tooth extraction may include:

  • Severe tooth damage

  • Extensive tooth decay

  • Tooth infection or abscess

  • Preparation for orthodontic treatments or dentures

  • Troublesome wisdom teeth

Conducting tooth extractions before orthodontic treatments could potentially improve treatment outcomes. Wisdom teeth, being the last to emerge, may lead to complications like partial eruption or crowding of other teeth. If they impact your oral health or comfort, DR LIMA might recommend extraction. However, extracting a tooth doesn’t signify the end of an appealing smile. At Dentistry 32, we offer various tooth replacement options such as dental implants, dental bridges, partial dentures, full dentures, and implant-supported dentures.

A comprehensive examination and consultation with DR LIMA will ensure that you are well-informed and assured while making decisions regarding your dental well-being.

Experiencing a toothache can stem from various issues. DR LIMA will accurately diagnose your toothache and recommend the most suitable treatment. If you’re experiencing intense toothache or swollen gums, it’s imperative to promptly contact your dentist at Dentistry 32. Doing so not only prevents the escalation of pain but also decreases the likelihood of needing a tooth extraction.

What can you anticipate during your appointment?

Dentistry 32 places a high emphasis on patient comfort. Our compassionate team and the gentle approach of DR LIMA collaborate seamlessly to ensure a comfortable experience during your tooth extraction, with complete numbing for a pain-free procedure.

How can you prevent these issues from recurring?

Taking a proactive stance regarding your dental health can forestall infections, decay, or trauma. DR LIMA advocates for maintaining optimal oral hygiene at home for a healthy mouth. Regular dental check-ups aid in the early identification of potential issues, preventing decay or infection before they turn painful. Individuals engaged in sports or high-impact activities can benefit from mouthguards or suitable protective equipment to prevent traumatic injuries.

Dentistry 32 is dedicated to offering personalized guidance for sustaining your dental health. Our primary aim is to ensure the health and comfort of your smile. Whatever your dental requirements, our team at 32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070 is prepared to assist you. Whether you’re an existing patient or seeking a new dental practice for your family, you are warmly welcomed.