Oral Cancer Screening Services

Detecting Oral Cancer Early

Visual and Tactile Inspections for Mouth Cancer Signs

Oral cancer screening is crucial for the early identification of potential oral cancer signs. It includes a range of possible cancers affecting the mouth, such as the lips, gums, and tongue. In 2021 alone, about 700 new cases of oral cancer were reported in Australia. While not highly prevalent, it is essential to monitor for initial warning signs to promptly address the disease.


This is why Dentistry 32 professionals routinely conduct visual and tactile inspections as part of regular dental check-ups to spot possible signs of oral cancer.


Understanding Oral Cancer

Mouth cancer, comprising various cancers affecting the lips, tongue, gums, cheeks, tonsils, or roof and floor of the mouth, is a serious condition that requires attention. Early detection significantly improves the survival rate of oral cancers to 90%, underscoring the importance of consistent professional checks and personal vigilance for potential symptoms.


Recognizing Common Oral Cancer Symptoms

Identifying mouth cancer in its early stages can be challenging, but as it progresses, specific symptoms become more prominent. Key symptoms of oral cancer include non-healing sores around the lips or in the mouth, mouth lumps, pain, swallowing difficulties, red or white patches in the mouth, and loose teeth. While these symptoms can have various causes, if Dr. Lima detects any without a clear reason, a specialist referral may be necessary for a biopsy to rule out cancer.


During your dental visit, Dr. Lima will look for visible symptoms and signs of mouth cancer.


How is the Screening Conducted?

If your recent dental check-up included basic oral cancer screenings, your dentist likely performed them. At Dentistry 32, Dr. Lima will visually inspect your mouth for oral cancer clues like sores, uneven tonsils, and red or white patches. The examination may also involve feeling your neck for any unusual lumps. Alarming findings may require a biopsy for further testing.


The Importance of Mouth Cancer Screening

Swift detection of mouth cancer is crucial for effective treatment. Periodic oral cancer screening is vital due to several reasons:


  • – Early Detection Enhances Survival Chance
  • – Oral Cancers Can Affect Anyone
  • – Peace of Mind


Identifying Mouth Cancer Symptoms Early with Oral Cancer Screening

Dentistry 32 offers thorough oral cancer evaluations during each visit to assist in spotting early signs of oral cancer for timely medical intervention. Dr. Lima will inspect your soft tissues, emphasizing the tongue, floor of the mouth, lips, and cheeks for any abnormalities. Should you notice persistent lumps or lesions in your mouth or experience swallowing issues, promptly inform Dr. Lima for further evaluation.


Prioritize regular dental exams to allow professionals to check for potential warning signs. Contact our friendly team today to schedule your appointment.