Captivating Hollywood-esque Smiles

The alluring aesthetic features of porcelain veneers might be what captivate you in the dazzling smiles showcased in movies and popular TV programs.

Veneers offer a one-stop solution for various cosmetic concerns. Many individuals undergoing a thorough veneers procedure often witness their smiles being transformed into Hollywood-level perfection. Veneers are thin shells that effectively cover the front of the tooth, seamlessly blending with your smile. Patients can choose from a single veneer to conceal a flawed or misshapen tooth to up to eight veneers, depending on their goals. Any preexisting oral health issues like decay and gum diseases can impact the success of restorative dentistry; we make sure these are promptly and properly addressed.

Why Choose Veneers

Veneers expertly shield the front of the tooth, thus hiding common imperfections such as:

  • – Minor tooth misalignment
  • – Gaps between teeth
  • – Cracked or worn-down teeth
  • – Severely stained teeth
  • – Shortened teeth

In addition to enhancing aesthetics, veneers can also provide length and alignment to teeth affected by trauma or teeth grinding habits (bruxism). Often, veneers and crowns are recommended together in comprehensive mouth treatments to restore comfort and function.

Composite Veneers

Our preferred material for fillings is composite. It comes in various shades to match natural teeth and is a durable combination of tiny glass particles and plastic. Composite veneers, akin to bonding, offer a cost-effective solution. While they may lack the shine and translucency of porcelain, they serve as a pleasant alternative for individual teeth or minor imperfections.

Naturally Appealing Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers exude beauty and seamlessly blend with your natural teeth. DR LIMA ensures that veneers fit comfortably, function well with the bite and jaw, and enhance the proportions, shape, and symmetry of the face. Designing a new smile is an exciting journey that requires planning and collaboration between you and DR LIMA. Sharing your vision of a perfect smile aids in creating customized veneers to your liking. Once your new smile path is established, temporary veneers can be crafted for you to test your enhanced smile. Adjustments to the veneers for bite and aesthetics can be made at this stage.

Selecting the Perfect Shade

If you desire a brighter smile, DR LIMA may recommend professional teeth whitening as a first step to whiten the natural teeth. As porcelain veneers don’t respond to whitening treatments like natural teeth, this initial step is recommended.

Maintaining Your Smile

Just like natural teeth, veneers also require good oral health for longevity. Regular at-home oral care along with professional dental cleanings and check-ups is the best insurance for your smile. If you grind your teeth, a custom night guard can help protect both your veneers and natural teeth from wear and tear.

Creating the Ultimate Smile

You likely have many questions about veneers and the potential for a new smile. We at Dentistry 32 warmly welcome you to reach out and schedule a cosmetic consultation with DR LIMA. We are thrilled to assist you in achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of.