Welcome to Our Clinic, Dentistry 32, a Place for Tiny Smiles

Our primary aim is to make your family feel at ease – particularly the little ones. Early childhood dental care can make a huge impact, nurturing smiles that can endure a lifetime.

As a parent, it’s crucial to instill healthy habits in your children’s daily routine. Proper oral care is vital for their overall health and confidence, and it also entails finding a reliable dentist you can rely on. Are you in search of top-quality family dental care at “32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070”? Most individuals look for a caring dentist capable of delivering exceptional care to every family member, no matter their age. At Dentistry 32, we take pride in looking after children, aiding them in establishing a positive relationship with the dentist from an early age. We aim to equip children with the best oral health habits possible that can serve them well throughout their lives. This goal starts with their initial visits to the dentist. We team up with the parents in the Marden SA 5070 community to ensure children have a strong foundation for maintaining a healthy smile for life. Before making an appointment at our clinic, you can go through the information we have gathered below. If you have any inquiries about our general and children’s dentistry services, please don’t hesitate to ask.


  • Your Child’s First Dentistry Visit

  • Preparing Your Little One for Their Dentistry 32 Visit

  • Why Baby Teeth Are So Important

  • Lifetime Dental Care

  • What Sets Dentistry 32 Apart

  • Providing Care That Feels Like Family


Your Child’s First Dental Appointment with DR LIMA

A child’s initial visit to a dentist is a milestone, one that we aim to make enjoyable. Our team is excited about creating a celebratory atmosphere, making children feel like special guests. We will even help you capture a lovely picture for your social media posts. We commence seeing your children as early as at the age of two. This early visit lets you discuss your child’s growth, habits such as bottle usage and thumb sucking, and dietary needs with DR LIMA. DR LIMA will also check your child’s teeth and gums to ensure they are healthy, with your child’s cooperation, naturally. If you need guidance on how to brush and floss your child’s teeth, our dental hygienist is skilled and can lead you through it step by step.


Preparing Your Little One for Their Dentistry 32 Visit

Children are naturally curious and eager to learn. Your attitudes toward dental health can influence your child as they pick up on both your words and actions. Avoid using scary or negative words. Make it a fun activity. Circle the important day on the calendar. Build excitement. Introducing your child to the environment of a dental clinic early on can be helpful. This can familiarize them with the surroundings, like the sights, sounds, and smells of Dentistry 32. Share interesting stories or videos about dental check-ups with them. Always talk positively about dentist’s visits—even if you are nervous yourself. Let them select their own toothbrush and toothpaste to make the process enjoyable. Show them their teeth in a mirror. The more acquainted they become with the process, the better they will handle their visits to Dentistry 32. Rest assured that at Dentistry 32, they are in safe hands. Many of our team members have kids of their own, giving them a natural ability to deal with them gently and calmly.


Why Baby Teeth Are So Important

A common misconception is that baby teeth are not crucial since they eventually fall out. However, these primary teeth play a vital role in your child’s early development. Baby teeth are essential for the proper growth of permanent teeth, so keeping them healthy is just as important as for the adult ones. Premature loss of baby teeth due to injury or decay can impact the growth of permanent teeth. Apart from serving as placeholders for adult teeth, baby teeth also fulfill other functions:

They assist your child in consuming nutritious meals.

They contribute to proper speech development.

If your child experiences tooth decay in a baby tooth, filling the cavity is usually the best course of action to preserve the tooth and safeguard their long-term oral health. We strive to prevent cavities from forming. At “32 Lower Portrush Road, Marden SA 5070”, you can inquire about fluoride treatments and dental sealants. These are minimally invasive techniques we use to shield your kids from tooth decay.


Lifetime Dental Care

Introducing your child to Dentistry 32 comes with the added advantage of us establishing a trustworthy connection with them from a young age. As they grow, we offer dental care suitable for their age. We provide a wide array of services at our Marden SA 5070 general dentistry clinic- everything from preventive measures like check-ups, cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants to interceptive orthodontics and fillings when necessary. For sports enthusiasts, we create personalized mouthguards to ensure their safety during sports. Every child is unique, and our team appreciates the opportunity to be part of their journey toward health and a happy smile as they transition from toddlers to teenagers and adults. Kids grow so fast; soon, we will be monitoring their wisdom teeth and ensuring they maintain a healthy smile as they embark on university life or launch their careers.


What Makes Dentistry 32 Exceptional

At Dentistry 32, we are enthusiastic about offering top-notch dental care to the families of Marden SA 5070. We are dedicated to ongoing education and continuously strive to stay updated with the latest advancements in technology to consistently enhance the quality of our services. Our expertise, skill, and knowledge play a part in delivering exceptional dentistry, but what truly differentiates us is our commitment to forming long-lasting relationships with our patients, based on trust, respect, and open communication. As a private dental clinic, we can ensure consistency. You will see the same warm faces during every visit, and you will always be greeted warmly. We firmly believe that our patients are the heart of our practice and the driving force behind everything we do. From our well-equipped and modern dental facility to our promise to present all treatment options and respect our patients’ decisions, we hope you feel reassured, comfortable, and valued during your time with us. You might even find yourself enjoying your dental appointment, as we infuse humor, joy, and kindness into all our interactions. For an enhanced dental experience, reach out to Dentistry 32 to schedule an initial exam with DR LIMA. We welcome patients of all ages, at any stage of life.


Offering Care That Feels Like Family

Selecting a family dentist is a significant decision. On behalf of Dentistry 32, we look forward to warmly welcoming you. We even provide evening appointments to accommodate busy family schedules. Simply give us a call to set up your visit.