Transparent Braces for a Bright, Healthy Grin

At Dentistry 32, we excel in providing orthodontic care without the conventional inconvenience of braces by utilizing clear teeth aligners.

Curious about your future look with aligned teeth?

Witness the transformative potential of straighter teeth with the Teeth-alignment simulator. Be mindful of the facts. The SmileView outcome emulator gives a digital illustration of your likely grin post dental alignment therapy. Unfortunately, this tool is unavailable for those with chipped or missing teeth. Copyright 2020, Dentistry 32. The decision to enhance the aesthetics or comfort of your dentition marks an exhilarating phase. Perhaps you’ve pondered it for a while but found traditional orthodontics too unwieldy. Clear braces emerge as a novel, efficacious solution to rectify flawed teeth discreetly.

Why Prefer Orthodontics?

Choosing to align your grin enhances your dental health. Malocclusion can induce uneven erosion, sensitivity, and even agonizing oral discomfort.

Misaligned teeth might hinder your confidence when you smile. Considering the impact of the first impression, we strive to offer an alternative to adults and matured teens that’s unimposing as opposed to braces. Clear braces yield excellent outcomes without publicizing your ongoing dental alignment.

Clear Aligners with Dentistry 32

Dentistry 32 offers a group of transparent, BPA-free plastic aligners to gently rectify your teeth alignment. DR LIMA is eager to enlighten you about each aligners’ advantages aiding you to make a well-informed decision about your therapy. Furthermore, you could check out our Aligners’ information packet here.

Advantages of Clear Aligners at 32 Lower Portrush Road

Apart from being unnoticeable, Dentistry 32 aligners are detachable simplifying teeth hygiene. Maintain your usual brushing and flossing regime. Avoid food and warm beverages while wearing the aligners to evade damage.

  • Clear braces are comfortably smooth, unlikely to cause the usual discomfort associated with conventional braces.

  • You can enjoy your meals without restraint since braces are removable during meals.

  • Alignment duration may beat that of regular braces.

  • How Transparent Aligners Contribute to Straighter Teeth

Given the expanding options with teeth alignment, it’s even more paramount to be well-versed with the diversity in treatment possibilities, the providers, and the products. A thorough assessment will confirm the effectiveness of clear braces for you. This assessment is also an opportune moment for you and DR LIMA to address any apprehensions or doubts you may have. We value providing you a comprehensive range of choices backed by precise information to enable the best decision. At Dentistry 32, we collect the essential details using state-of-the-art technology, such as:

  • 3D cone beam imaging
  • Digital x-rays
  • Accurate dental impressions and molds

Benefit from DR LIMA’s proficiency and experience for an enchanting and comfortable grin. As Dentistry 32 leverages modern software in planning and designing phases, outcomes are dependable and foreseeable. The time you’ll need for dental alignment depends on the degree of teeth realignment required to achieve your desired smile. DR LIMA will detail the duration and cost of treatment for your understanding. Clear aligner rules:

  • Wear every pair of aligner trays for about two weeks.
  • Ensure their usage for a minimum of 22 hours daily.
  • Clean them daily with lukewarm water and a mild cleaner.
  • Inform us if you misplace or damage your aligners.
  • Set up regular review appointments.
  • Keep aligners away from pets when unused.
  • Get Informed about Clear Aligner Choices

As with various medical procedures, teeth alignment also carries inherent risks. The designated orthodontist or dentist overseeing your therapy also ensures your well-being through your treatment. You should obtain advice about your therapy plan and any potential risks concomitant to your treatment.

What if Clear braces can’t solve the problem?

Conventional orthodontics can mend even the toughest bite-related issues and continue to be the superior choice for children. Moreover, you might figure out the time you invested wearing braces and wires culminates in the comfortable and wholesome smile you had dreamt of. Current braces are available in more aesthetic options like tooth-colored brackets that are less conspicuous. Orthodontic dentistry has advanced significantly, so despite potential hesitation about wearing braces, let DR LIMA know if you’re considering teeth alignment.

You’re Welcome to Reach Out to Us

Helping patients achieve smile satisfaction is our driving force. Whether you’ve decided or are looking at choices, a consultation at Dentistry 32 is an ideal starting point.

Dentistry 32 Tip – Understand what you’ll receive

Multiple products for teeth alignment are referred to as ‘braces’ or ‘clear aligners’. Ask about the specific brand of the product you will receive. Seek the manufacturer’s name, the location of its production, the record of product recalls or alerts issued by any regulatory authority.

Digital Information Depository for Clear Aligners

Look up our extensive digital resource center for Clear Aligners for more insights.