Regular Oral Examination

Keeping up with your oral health through a simple check-up is crucial for a bright, healthy smile.

Visiting your dentist twice a year is an easy way to keep your health and wellbeing in check. At Dentistry 32, we aim to make it convenient for everyone to stay updated on their oral health status.


There are numerous benefits to regular dental check-ups, helping to prevent issues like tooth decay, cavities, migraines, and even sleep apnea. Routine dental cleanings not only support good oral health but also restore your confidence in your smile. If you have been neglecting your regular dental visits, now is the perfect time to start.


What A Dental Check-up Includes

At Dentistry 32, our friendly team is committed to addressing your oral health needs, whether you are returning after a long break or searching for a new dentist. Each routine dental check-up follows a similar process, ensuring a comfortable and informative experience.


During your dentist appointment, you can expect:


  • – A thorough examination of your mouth to identify potential cavities, gum problems (like gum disease), tooth decay, and more.
  • – X-rays to provide a detailed view of your teeth, jaws, and overall mouth condition.
  • – A professional dental cleaning, which involves a deep scaling and flossing of the teeth. This cleaning also assesses the general health of your gums and teeth. If you experience any discomfort during the cleaning or have sensitive gums, your dentist may recommend a special toothpaste.
  • – An opportunity to discuss any issues or concerns you have been facing, such as bad breath or bleeding gums.

After the check-up and cleaning are done, dentists usually recommend scheduling a follow-up visit for consistent oral care. If any problems are detected, an earlier appointment can be arranged for addressing them.


It is strongly advised to be diligent with your oral hygiene by brushing and flossing twice daily, as recommended at the end of your visit.


The Importance of Regular Check-ups

Dentists suggest biannual check-ups and cleanings for maintaining a healthy smile, spotting potential issues, and addressing them promptly.


Having dental insurance can make it easier to preserve your oral health and improve your overall well-being without incurring additional costs – check with your insurance provider for coverage details.


It’s never too late to prioritize your oral health. At Dentistry 32, we understand that some individuals may feel anxious or overdue for a dental visit. We offer our expert help without any judgment to help you achieve optimal health, as your teeth are precious and should be kept in top shape.


Members of health funds can enjoy extra savings. However, we also cater to those without insurance through our special offer for new patients.


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